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Name: Erin Brady
Age: 33
Time with Body Magic: 2 years +
Current fitness goals:
I have Multiple Sclerosis, I use personal training to maintain coordination, strength and balance. Please have a read of my story in testimonials.
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"I have been training with Ed for over a year now for personal fitness, cardio training and muscle toning and I am very happy with the results. Having used other personal trainers before, I have been the most impressed with Ed and his methods. He is personable and encouraging without letting me get away with too much! Due to playing soccer I have suffered an unresolved back issue and Ed has given me peace of mind when we train as he is able to modify our training sessions to reduce the pain but allow me to keep on track of my goals.  He knows how and when to push me to get me through a set or a sprint and his approachable personality makes me look forward to training, even though I know it will be a physically challenging hour!"


"The benefits of Personnel Training are substantial.
My name is Tim Dominguez and I am 55years of age. I have trained in Gym's for many years using weights and mostly training on my own. I have been involved in Aussie Rules footy and Water Ski Racing for over 35 years and my back has taken a battering. Both my Doctor and Physio said I need to train every week and to concentrate on Cardio work to remove weight and work my back.
I spoke to the boys at the Gym and told them of my back, lack of fitness / energy and my high cholesterol. Bottom line was that I needed help with my training and diet.
This is where Ed and I sat down and he gave me some diet advice and set a program into place.
I hate him with a passion during our training sessions but he knows me and knows how far he can push me. There are mornings that I really don't feel like training but once I get to the Gym Ed takes over and push's me to get going and get into it. If it wasn't for Ed's drive I wouldn't be at the level where I am now.
We have now been together 7 weeks and he is seriously taking me to greater levels of fitness. Our training is a mixture of back, chest, arm, legs and boxing - all done in sets and intense Cardio Vascular training. In my many years of muscle training I have never taken on Cardio training - I dead set feel like a new bloke.
Ed gets to know you and strengths and weaknesses and sets a program that will get you to where you want to be.
Through my commitment and Ed's training we have so far achieved the following:
•    Increased fitness and more energy
•    Lost just under 5 kilo's and my clothes are a lot more comfortable to wear
•    Work colleagues, family and friends have all commented on how much better I look
•    My back is much better and has definitely given me the movement in playing a better game of golf
•    You feel good and carry your head a bit higher, with more confidence
Look, it is not a walk in the park but it if you take up the challenge and are committed to do make yourself healthier, I can GUARANTEE you that Ed will make it work for you.
It would be pleasure to discuss any of the above points with you personally, Ed would be able to arrange a time for us to meet.
Tim Dominguez

“I started training with Ed and Body Magic approximately 12 months ago, initially starting in the soccer off season with the aim to improve my game fitness after having 2 children. I found Ed very motivating and knowledgeable yet always professional and highly experienced in his field. He always seems to work with a huge range of exercises, I found each session different from the last and he got me training the areas that I needed to without the boring repetition nor stagnating. I have gained a sound level of fitness desired for soccer and now have furthered my fitness goals to include triathlon, cross country mountain biking and road cycling with the hope of competing in endurance events. I would strongly recommend Ed and his team to assist you in achieving your fitness and health goals"

Sheridan, Londonderry


Erin Brady- 33 years old, training with Body Magic over 2 years....

Benefits I have experienced from training with Body Magic Personal Training  

If you are looking for a personal trainer and think that because you have a disability no one will understand, then look no further than Body Magic Personal Training. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have been training with Ed and his team since October 2009 and I have nothing but praise for them.

Ed tailored my training my regime to me, to what I like, but also to account for my MS. As a PT his knowledge and expertise far outweigh any other trainers I have ever had. They do their research and have an excellent understanding of what MS is, what it does and how best to help me, my muscles and to keep my body working to a level most people would be surprised at. To look at me you would not know that I have MS. To watch me train most days, you would not know that I have MS and I firmly believe that a combination of my medications and my training regimes has helped me maintain a level of fitness, healthiness and well being that many people without a disability would find difficult. But it is these training regimes that have increased my health, capabilities, strength and balance. That have reduced my muscle fatigue and even assisted in the reduction of lesions on my spinal cord, due to increasing communication in my synapses by making them work and assisting in forming new pathways.

But be warned, if you are looking for a trainer that will allow you to quit and use your disability as an excuse, allow you to say it’s too hard, then look elsewhere. Ed and his team have excellent knowledge and experience in training people with disabilities, they will do their research and tailor a program to you and your capabilities and I am have achieved outstanding results, because of their training and I would not train with anyone else. I firmly believe that without my PT’s I would not be capable of completing the tasks I now can, but I would also not be walking just like everyone else."

Erin Brady

22 June 2011