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Name: Nicole Pugsley
Age: 43
Time with Body Magic: 16 months
Current fitness goals:
To maintain and increase overall fitness and strength after experiencing a stroke several years ago.
  • Group Fitness and One on One Personal Training
  • Cardio Workouts
  • Fun and Social
  • Weights
  • Strength training


Body Magic offer flexible training packages in the following:


The latest craze and very popular for high intensity weight training properties

Boxing and Kickboxing

Both great ways to get all the major muscle groups working, good for burning body fat or to improve your fitness

Power lifting

Using lift that are commonly associated as Olympic lifting, all these lifts involve using the entire body to perform each lift.

Strength Training

Using resistance training to build up strength in a targeted muscle group(s).

Management of Chronic Conditions

The restoration and maintenance of strength and agility through a dynamic exercise program.

Weight Loss

Reduction of overall body fat bytailoring a program specifically for your needs and goals.

Sport Specific Training

Sport or event specific goals to work towards through a tailored program to gain improvements and specific strengths.

Posture and Functional Movements

The restoration of strength and agility through dynamic exercise, several muscle groups are exercised simultaneously